ISBN 4-7636-8575-9 C0371 P1980E
published in japan 1990 by KYOTO SHOIN INTERNATIONAL

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ian walton (selected pieces as thumbnails - click on image to get bigger ones!):
STEPS FROM HARDROW FORCE, 1986, wood construction, 56 x 48 cm ATTIC WINDOW, 1986, wood and school slates, 66 x 48 cm CRAGS AND FELLS, 1989, cardboard, solidified water colours on wood, 18 x 21,5 cm DAWN, 1989, bitumen, oil stains on wood, 18 x 21,5 cm SKY MAP, 1987, wood paper, linen on wood, 69,5 x 71 cm
HIGH MIST, wax, eggshell on canvas, 54 x 61 cm FERN, 1989, fern, television component and cascamite on wood, 24 x 25,5 cm SPECIMEN, 1989, wood, pressed flowers and locust carcasses on wood, 24 x 18 cm DARK INTERVALLS, 1988, oil stains, floor sweepings, canvas on canvas, 213x163 cm  


russell mills (selected pieces)
WITHIN WITHOUT, 1989, acrylic, oil, gold leaf, mica, metal, pigment and varnish on wood, 58,5 x 34,5 x 4,8 KI IN, 1989, acrylic, oil, plaster, shellac, netal, paper, thread, flowers on wood, 44,5 x 56 cm EAST: IN PRAISE OF SHADOWS, 1988, oil, wood stains, gold leaf, leaves, compass, pen nib on wood, 15,6 x 19,7 x 4,5 cm LUMEN FIELD (for Arvo Part), 1989, acrylic, oil, honeycomb, metal, metal dust, fish fly on wood, 62 x 43,5 cm ATOMS TO SUN, acrylic, stains, plaster, varnish, metal, gold leaf, dust on wood, 53,5 x 73 cm
BEGINNING AGAIN (for Seamus Heaney), 1988, acrylic, oil, etching varnish, rusted metal, feather on wood, 39x33,5 cm GROWING SMALL, 1989, acrylic, cascamite, rusted metal on wood, 17,5 x 17 cm STIRRINGS, 1988, acrylic, plaster, gold leaf, metal, paper, volcano dust on paper, 17 x 21,2 cm BETWEEN TIDES, 1988, acrylic, oil, plaster, gold leaf, leather, watch part, wood, metal, earth on wood, 64,6 x 64,6 cm  

the influence of kurt schwitter's collages and constructions has never been greater, and ian walton and russell mills are two artists who continue to find the german's art and life a rich seam of inspiration. walton now lives a few doors from schwitter's old house in ambleside, in the english lake district, and both artists have made many visits to the area. in 1987, they constructed a massive stoneand wood sculpture in the nearby forest of grizedale as a memorial to schwitters and separatly, in their own pictures and objects, they continue to explore many of his principles. walton and mills, like schwitters, practice an art in which the most humble and unworthy materials are combined and transfigured by the force of the artists eye. walton's precisely descriptive titles might suggest studies of particular landscapes, but they are closer in spirit to visual diaries in which the artist records the emotions and sensations that the places evoked. like the landscape itself, his surfaces are eroded, corroded, weathered and stained. walton makes no sketches before he begins and rarely starts with a blank canvas. his pictures are improvisations in which one set of marks will lead to another and mills is similarly open to the play of chance, moderated, in his case, by rather more literary sensibility. yet he, too, is a kind of artist-geologist, probing the composition of the landscape and savouring ist textures - or perhaps an alchemist, transforming base materials into treasure. riven by furrows and shot through with colour, mills' surfaces suggest not so much the ravages of climate acting from above as the release of energies exploding from within. in both artists the grandeur of the english landscape shapes an essentially romantic vision.

rick poynor


all images reproduced with kind permission of russell mills and ian walton. copyright of the text by rick poynor