russell mills.

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em:t 3396 (out of print)

1. red scatter (7.25)
2. ice in the sleeve (7.00)
3. stone's eggs (14.34)
4. blood is climbing (8.54)
5. rain in your room (10.51)
6. how safe is deep? (7.38)
7. underground kite (8.59)
8. her 200 bones (6.53)

sculpted & produced by russell mills with tom smyth & will joss of miasma. engineered by miasma. recorded and mixed at square centre studios between april & july 1996

please click here for a recent (nov. 99) interview with russell mills on the importance of computer technology in making music.

russell mills: bowls, bells blood flow frequencies, field recordings, hippo-copter, palette knives, piano wires, lion & elephant roarers, flotsam & jetsam & the shed method. miasma: anchors, undertows & nifty digits throughout. with thanks to the following for supplying & allowing use of specially created sounds: michael brook: infinite guitar. declan colgan: synthesiser programming. hywel davies: ghost cellos. the edge: guitar. brian eno: select-a-bonk rhythm & sonics. roger eno: cloud drones. robin guthrie: ziggurat rhythm. bill laswell: wolf bass, steam bed & drones. kevin shields: sulphur & zugzwang guitars. david sylvian: lyrics, larnyx & lumen.

images of russell mills pieces on the inner part of the digi-pack:

"seeding mercury" 1995, snake ribs, cotton, linen, leather, oil stains, on wood, 41 x 41 cm "earth is instinct" 1993, mixed media,
53 x 28 cm

russell mills


see first edition for recording details and credits


all images are reproduced with kind permission of russell mills