russell mills, primarily known for his rich and intoxicating organic images, is also an influential and renowned album cover designer. the following images should give a good overview over his work done so far. please click on the thumbnails to get bigger images and more information!


nusrat fateh ali khan - mustt mustt adiemus - cantata mundi arcana - arc of testimony michael brook - cobald blue michael brook - hybrid harold budd - lovely thunder harold budd - white arcades
cocteau twins - live at the bbc miles davis - panthalassa david sylvian - dead bees on a cake elie roulin - disque rouge brian eno - apollo eno / budd - the pearl brian eno - thursday afternoon
brian eno - vocal box eno / fripp - the essential fripp and eno graham haynes - music for the 21st century japan - excorsising ghosts adiemus - adiemus bob marley - dreams of freedom material - seven souls
brian eno - music for films 2 nine inch nails - the downward spiral nine inch nails - the march of the pigs david toop - ocean of sound the opal assembly 1 russell mills / undark - pearl and umbra roger eno - between tides
roger eno - voices undark one - strange familiar rain tree crow short circuit david sylvian - dead bees on a coake (promo) david sylvian - everything and nothing david sylvian - god man
david sylvian - gone to earth david sylvian - i surrender (1) david sylvian - i surrender (2) david sylvian - i surrender (promo) david sylvian - pop song david sylvian - silver moon david sylvian - weatherbox
david sylvian - weatherbox sampler david toop - exotica david toop - spirtiual world youssou n dur - set hector zazou - songs from the cold see brian eno - instrumental box


all images are reproduced with kind permission by russell mills