credits and thanks


the purpose of this website is to give an overview over the work of two artists, whose work i admire for years and who have influenced my perception of art more than anybody else: russell mills and ian walton.

"permanence" is an unofficial site but it was created with the kind permission and support of both artists. the copyright of ALL images are owned by russell mills and/or ian walton. any unauthorized reproduction or use on other internet-pages is prohibited!

this site was designed, built and is maintained by peter wassong in 1999.

a serious "thank you" goes to:

russell mills and ian walton for supporting this project.
clive + emi maidment for friendship, scans, encouragement, ideas and support. ronald schneider and annette lunau for answering a lot of technical question

without your support, "permanence" would not have been possible.

if you have ideas, congratulations, complaints, hints etc. please contact the webmaster!